Upgrading from ASP.NET MVC Project to ASP.NET Core MVC project

How to upgrade an ASP.NET MVC and Web API application to ASP.NET Core MVC in Visual Studio 2022 using the .NET Upgrade Assistant. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth transition.

Step 1: Install the .NET Upgrade Assistant Visual Studio extension.

Step 2: Open the ASP.NET MVC or Web API solution in Visual Studio.

Step 3: In Solution Explorer, right click on the project to upgrade and select Upgrade.Select Upgrade Project to a Newer .Net Version. Select Side-by-side incremental project upgrade, which is the only upgrade option.

Step 4: Select Side-by-side incremental project upgrade then click on Next button. For the upgrade target, select New project and Click on Next Button for Further Process. 

Step 5: Name the project and select the template. If the project you're migrating is a API project, select ASP.NET Core Web API. If it's an MVC project or MVC and Web API, select ASP.NET Core MVC.

Step 6: Select Next

Step 7: Select the target framework version and then select Next.

Step 8: Review the Summary of changes, then select Finish.