How to create a new MVC project using visual studio in five simple steps

Creating a new project in visual studio is very easy.

Step 1: Open visual studio. Here, I'm using Visual Studio 2019. Which is the stable release at the time of writing this article

Step 2: Select create a new project

Step 3: Select ASP .NET Web Application(.NET Framework)

Step 4: In the next step give a suitable name for your project and select the folder you want to save your project in, And uncheck the "Place solution and project in same directory" and press create. it is not necessary to uncheck the previously mentioned check box but that is how I do it, because it keeps the solution file separate from other files.

Step 5: In the next screen select Empty,

Uncheck "configure for https" in the "Advanced"

and select MVC for "add folders and core references" and press Create.

And that is how you create a new MVC project based on .NET Framework in VisualStudio 2019. 

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