Connecting to a Stored Procedure in .NET MVC

Step 1: Create a Stored Procedure in Your Database

Before we start coding, let's create a stored procedure in our database. For this example, we will use a simple stored procedure that retrieves all customers from a Customers table.

Step 2: Create an ADO.NET Connection

In your.NET MVC project, create a new class to hold your database connection settings. We will use ADO.NET to connect to our database.

Add New Folder name as Common --> add Class as Config class and Folder as BLL

Inside the BLL Folder add Class as DataManager.cs

Step 3: Create a Data Access Layer (DAL) as Data Manager

Create a new class to hold your data access logic. This class will be responsible for calling the stored procedure and retrieving data from the database.

Step 4: Call the Stored Procedure from Your Controller

Now, let's create a controller to call the stored procedure and retrieve data from the database.

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